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Department of Business and Economics

Seminar Thesis

Module: Module 11: Wissenstransfer
Course: Seminar: Current Topics in Management, Technology, and Leadership Research
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Lorenz Graf-Vlachy
Scope / Credits: 2 SWS / 5 Credits
Language: German / English
Application: Online application
Kickoff: Date: tba
Interim Presentation: Date: tba
Submission Date of the Thesis: tba

Content Overview

In this seminar, students develop a topic in management based on the relevant scientific literature. In the course, participants conduct a structured literature analysis (Clark et al., 2021; Fisch & Block, 2018; Rousseau et al., 2008; Tranfield et al., 2003). Students should attend this course if they want to learn scientific work and get to intimately understand a topic of management, especially from the research focus areas of the professorship. The seminar serves as preparation for the Bachelor's thesis.

Learning Goals

After the successful participation in the seminar, students will be able to:

  • understand and analyse a current topic in business management
  • independently develop a research topic based on a structured literature research
  • conceptualise, plan, and carry out a scientific research project
  • present and defend interim results

Topic selection

The topics for the structured literature analysis are worked on in groups. Topics are assigned in the first session of the course.

The topics come from the main research areas. Illustrative topics are:

  • Personality characteristics of top executives
  • Top executives in the platform economy
  • Communicating discontinuous innovation
  • Political ideology of top executives
  • Managers' mental health
  • Top executives' communication with employees
  • Dependent variables in strategic leadership research


Participation in the course Scientific Work, which is offered alongside the course. (no separate application necessary)


  • Clark, W. R., Clark, L. A., Raffo, D. M., & Williams, R. I. (2021). Extending Fisch and Block’s (2018) tips for a systematic review in management and business literature. Management Review Quarterly, 71(1), 215-231.
  • Fisch, C., & Block, J. (2018). Six tips for your (systematic) literature review in business and management research. Management Review Quarterly, 68, 103-106.
  • Kurzhals, C., Graf‐Vlachy, L., & König, A. (2020). Strategic leadership and technological innovation: A comprehensive review and research agenda. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 28(6), 437-464.
  • Rousseau, D. M., Manning, J., & Denyer, D. Evidence in management and organizational science: Assembling the field’s full weight of scientific knowledge through syntheses. Academy of Management Annals 2.1 (2008): 475-515.
  • Tranfield, D., Denyer, D., & Smart, P. (2003). Towards a methodology for developing evidence‐informed management knowledge by means of systematic review. British Journal of Management, 14(3), 207-222.

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