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Julian Geise und Mario Holt (ifm) hold guest lecture on internationalization

© Professorship for Strategic Management and Leadership

In the context of the lecture "International Management", Julian Geise and Mario Holt gave a guest lecture on global marketing planning and internationalization of e-commerce at the ifm group of companies

As part of the lecture "International Management", we welcomed two speakers from ifm, which is active in over 100 countries, with exciting presentations on the topics of “harmonizing global marketing planning” and “internationalizing e-commerce”. First, Julian Geise, Senior Analyst in the Strategic Marketing & Sales Excellence department, gave the interested students insights into the challenges, key success factors, and the approach to harmonizing global marketing planning. Mario Holt, General Manager Digital Sales and Services, then shared his expertise on current developments, challenges and solutions for internationalization in business-to-business e-commerce.

Thank you for the exciting first-hand insights you shared with our students and us!