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Bachelor / Master


You can find all information and requirements for a thesis at the Professorship for Strategic Management and Leadership in the guidelines for scientific work.

Guidelines for scientific work


Please note that you must have attended the course "Scientific Work" (Module 11) of the Professorship for Strategic Management and Leadership in advance of the processing time of the bachelor thesis. The course can be taken in the same semester as the bachelor thesis.

An additional application for the project seminar is not necessary.

How to apply         Online Application

Current Topics


  1. Hero or villain - What determines the social evaluation of companies? (Literature review)
  2. Triple bottom line management - The advantages of not looking only at the financial success of an organization (Literature review) 
  3. Prediction markets - Using the wisdom of the crowd to make better strategic decisions (Literature review)
  4. The concept of "Open Strategy" - The beginning of a new era of strategy development?
  5. Seems legit! The relevance of legitimacy for innovation (Literature review)
  6. Dealing with the crowd – The new developments in social media and its benefits in crisis communication (Literature review)
  7. How to align employees to the firm's strategy? Insights from goal framing theory (Literature review)
  8. The political ideology of top executives (Literature review)
  9. Do you like me? Ingratiation in the business context (Literature review)
  10. How do firms try to increase diversity? (Literature review)
  11. Taking over the board – the influence of shareholder activism on boards (Literature review)
  12. What makes a company attractive to employees? Antecedents and outcomes of employer branding (Literature review)
  13. The consequences of overconfident CEOs (Literature review)
  14. Greenwashing – The difference between the promises and the actions (Literature review)
  15. How do firms behave? Insights from the behavioral theory of the firm (Literature review)
  16. What do they really achieve? Literature review on the dependent variables in strategic leadership research (Literature review)

Darüber hinaus können Sie gerne mit eigenen Themenwünschen auf uns zu kommen.


The topics of the Master's thesis are based on the Bachelor's thesis topics. Please contact us if you are interested.

Important Documents

The following documents must be submitted together with the thesis.


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