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Department of Business and Economics

Opportunities for cooperation

Close cooperation with practice is a key interest of the Professorship for Strategic Management and Leadership. We cooperate with partners from large firms, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as start-ups to transfer scientific knowledge into business practice and to further develop and apply it jointly with cooperation partners.

In such cooperations, we contribute our scientific expertise regarding our research topics as well as our broad experience from various consulting projects. We offer various forms of cooperation: guest lectures in courses, integration of individual projects and case studies into courses, theses, long-term research cooperations, consulting and start-up projects, as well as executive education such as workshops and custom training programs. Please get in touch with us – we are looking forward to a productive exchange!

Guest lectures

We aim to provide students not only with theoretical frameworks and contents, but also with practical insights and first contacts to practitioners. To this end, we frequently invite executives, managers, as well as founders and entrepreneurs who provide insights into current strategic and operational issues, industry trends and developments, business models, and technologies and innovations.

Students sit in a lecture at the beginning of the study. © Oliver Schaper​/​TU Dortmund

Case studies

Student typing on laptop, books lying next to it. © Aliona Kardash​/​TU Dortmund

Our teaching concept includes project work and case studies in several courses. This allows students from various disciplines to acquire conceptual and analytical skills, as well as creative and communicative abilities, to complement their technical skills. In turn, practitioners can bring their individual problems and questions and benefit from students’ innovative approaches and ideas. Illustrative topics include, for instance, strategy development, business model design, or communication strategies.

Bachelor’s and master’s theses

If the conditions are right, we are glad to supervise Bachelor’s and Master’s theses written in cooperation with a practice partner. The content and topic of any thesis will be aligned with the practice partner and must naturally lie within the field of competence of the professorship. Of course, all applicable academic standards must be fulfilled.

Books with the inscription dissertation on a bookshelf in the library. © Nikolas Golsch​/​TU Dortmund

Research cooperations

The photo shows a table from above with several written pieces of paper on it and three students bent over the table. © TU Dortmund

We are interested in collaborating on joint research projects with organizations from all industries. Such collaborations can span shorter or longer time-horizons and may take the form of research projects with one or more academic staff members. Such research projects often provide benefits for science and practice through the analysis of large amounts of data development and the development of rich theoretical and practical insights.

Consulting and start-up projects

Despite being rooted in strategic management, the notion of entrepreneurship – both in the context of established and new firms – is at the heart of what we do. We are thus interested in working with established firms and start-ups on developing technologies, innovations, business models, and strategies. In addition, we can contribute to issues involving topics of leadership, crisis management, and communication. We have experience not only in consulting work but also in workshops and executive education.

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